Our Mission

DPM Logistics LLC is a full service transportation company dedicated to provide excellence and safety in truck load freight, freight brokerage, and freight management. Our mission is to provide customer service perceived by our customers to be of outstanding quality and value.




Our History

The Fleet Manager Inc. (the first division of DPM and Associates, parent to DPM Logistics) was started in 1987 as a medium duty truck repair facility. 1996 brought acquisition of a Norfolk dealership, renamed The Truck Source.

In 2001, The Truck Source started TSI Leasing to offer daily rental, full-service leasing, contract maintenance, and body repair. This business had grown to over 300 units in 2006.

The economy started to turn in 2007 for the worse in the trucking industry and the economy in general. We retrenched, restructured, and looking for growth we saw an opportunity in the transportation market as our existing customer sought more complete transportation solutions in the new economy.

Armed with our knowledge of operating fleets and the ability to operate more competitively than other local entities, we started fielding transportation services, gaining contracts with Berkshire Hathaway, Ferguson Enterprises, Prudential Overall Supply, and other local companies.

2014 saw our company’s growth in the regional transportation solutions sector. We forged agreements with major players in local manufacturing, National 3 PLS, and local distribution. Combined with our existing fleet, we obtained significant growth and a foothold in the freight transportation market.

Our recent accomplishments include updating our tractor fleet to no frontline units being more than three years old. We purchased state of the art air ride trailers, implementing electronic logs/GPS tracking, customer friendly billing, and freight tracking software.  We also built a new state of the art warehouse, service, and headquarters terminal located at the intersection of I-295 and I-95 in Hanover County in 2016.

We are most proud of our culture focused on safety with the highest standard for drivers, mechanics, and administration, to offer contract truckload transportation, distribution, and private fleet management. This will allow us to compete in the Mid-Atlantic regional transportation market with focus and expertise to excel well into the future.

The folks at DPM have been providing us with the highest level of service imaginable for more than three years now. I am 100% confident that they treat our customers as well or better than our own drivers do. We use DPM nearly every day now and I have nothing but confidence in the job that Dave and his folks do for us. DPM is the only carrier we use and trust.

Jeremy FortuneDistrict Logistics Manager, Ferguson Enterprises